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The Company was established in 1992 by the three partners stated below. It is a limited liability company under the Bulgarian Commercial Act. The Company has developed and maintains correspondent contacts with law firms and independent lawyers throughout Bulgaria as well as with governmental, municipal and independent agencies.

The Company also works with and provides legal opinions on international matters for a number of law firms abroad


The Company has been participating in several of the major privatization and bank projects (including, but not limited to, the privatization of the Military Industrial Complex of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as the privatization of Pool 1 of the Energy Complex of Bulgaria – i.e. 22 hydroelectric power stations, major privatization projects in tourism – Golden Sands, Pamporovo and a number of concession projects and projects subjected to competition law).

Company’s main specialization is privatization, banking law, taxation and tax relief, as well as all issues related to commercial law (commercial contracts, mergers, acquisitions and subsidiaries, liquidation and insolvency procedure).

One of the Company’s main areas of expertise is not for profit organizations – legal organization, registration and provision of legal advise. The Company works with Global Bulgaria, Center For the Study of Democracy, Association Bulgaria –Russia, Foundation Bulgarian Science etc.

The Company has been active in the establishment of foreign and joint-venture companies in Bulgaria on behalf of clients from third countries, as well as consulting on Bulgarian corporate, tax, banking and contract laws for foreigners.

At the present the Company works actively on the establishment of companies in the field of energy sector especially regarding HPS.

The Company is specialized and offers a broad spectrum of services in the field of penal law, as well as in connection with the international conventions related to it.

Some of the our main clients are: Economic and Investment Bank AD, DESPRED AD, BENTONITE AD, Pamporovo AD, Geopet M Ltd, BFU, DENEB AD, Mavimex Ltd., Venture Equity Bulgaria AD, AGROTABAK Ltd, Central Europe Group AD, Dulger OOD, INP OOD, Lesocenter OOD.

EVARD is one of the few Bulgarian legal firms certified under ISO 9001-9002

The Company has a broad experience in insolvency, taxation and civil enforcement.

The Company has an experience in the field of intellectual property.

The Company works in Bulgarian, English and French.

EVARD LAW OFFICE, 12A Tunja Street, Sofia 1606, Bulgaria, Tel: (+359 2) 953 26 06, 953 26 07, Fax: (+359 2) 953 26 07